The Imperial military was built from its very foundations upon the fundamental question of how do you achieve an efficient defensive and offensive force? From the social equities to the ranking structure the Empire has developed a military that is easy to understand and incredibly efficient and effective when it comes to execution.

The basis of the Empire is its power structure, as represented by the diagram above. Every rank is above another within the Empire, no two ranks are on the same level. The higher a rank is the higher power they hold within the Empire and they will be able to override any decision made by anyone under them. For every rank, besides soldier, there will be 5 subordinates. This is easy to manage, you will always have 1 superior and 5 subordinates unless you are a soldier in that case you will only have a superior.

You may be wondering what the roles to the left of the Diagram are, these ranks are specific to the civil sector they are portrayed on this diagram as its important to know at what position they stand when it comes to power compared to yours. You may also notice "Phase 2 and 3", Phases contained locked ranks for the Empire, they are locked away until the Empire reaches the maximum capacity it can hold with the current ranks, the current limit is 500.

While the rank names give some sense of what will be portrayed in the role it's not that simple, the Empire has reduced the number of ranks it needs to build a large dynamic force. This means other positions you expect to come across have been turned into a subtree, this tree is known as ROLES.

Above is a small table of roles available, roles define the number of tasks you can take on as a member of the Empires military, you can be an engineer, a farmer, a builder and even all at once. The more roles you have the more assignments you as a person will be open too. By default, you will start with the Infantry role and will be required to train or apply for other roles. The roles you have do not affect your power in the Empires hierarchy, just the amount of assignments you have access too.

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