Corporation Registration

Registering your corporation

By registering your corporation with the Empire you are gaining a tonne of advantages little to no losses. you will be gaining the following advantages:

Copyright - protect your intellectual property and assets in a way no other organisation will.

Contracting - secure deals and employees with the ability to write and sign contracts in front of an official of the Empire who will enforce it at all costs.

Prosperity - with no taxes and a tonne of other corporations the economy will prosper, set up your headquarters in the Empire to maximise your profits.

Secure - with an autocratic military you can be sure that your business will never lose profits from the hands of pirates or warlords.

Register Here:

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What do I lose?

Your corporation will not lose any rights or abilities, you can still settle in multiple organisations, still own land defended by your own military outside of the Empires territory. You will only be required to follow the Imperial laws within the imperial territory.