The Empire, Your reason for joining.

Make threads about any topic relating to the Empire, As long as the topic isn't already covered in another forum.
This is a thread for members of the Empire to discuss your reasons for joining the Empire, why you believe the Empire will succeed and even to talk about the members of the Empire you believe have made an invaluable contribution to the imperial regime.
I decided on this after talking about the overall group with john, i think.

After a short time, i found myself surrounded with other crazy or less crazy citizens of the empire. Which are probably one of the main reasons i am not to inactive on the DUAL forums or with thinking up theoretical stuff. To bridge the time till more people can join us ingame :3.

Being able to work with others in an organized manner, but still focusing on things that are fun for me and not just mundane chores to me (except maybe the initial startup on soft launch, which will be a bit hectic~). Was probably what finally reeled me in. Freedom of choice :3.

There's just to many orgs and corps out there, that just got made out of the spur of the moment. With no plan for the future or any "goal" in terms of what to actually do.

As normally a few things happen to "pre-launch" get togethers:
- die out (ghosting ... well every old org has a good bunch of them atm)
- leadership vanishes
- internal power struggles (real drama)
- totaly change direction ... at whims
- just numbers ... and die from to many members, without any structure to organize them
- scammers ( yes ... i know enough examples of. Join our Power Alliance or you wont get acess to stuff. Just 20 hours of gameplay tax!)

Atm the Empire only has the "problem" of alot of members being ghosts, that probably will never be with us come launch. A good thing is, that we get many new faces over the time. And lucky us, a good bunch of these are active for a prolonged time. Even without acess to the game or anything going on specially.

Well that problem will probably even itself out, as soon as Alpha kicks in and finally Beta in 2020. Ghosting is just a general problem, when a game isn't acessible to everyone ...
My reason for joining the empire… well at first in all honesty it was a simple looked at the page of recruiting groups and I love star wars so this group stood out (like I’m sure most of you did) and decided to join and see how it went… Since then wow I’ve had dedicated guys in game helping me building stuff for me out of their own resources and getting me active… a good group of guys but it goes beyond that… I have ppl that talk to me every day almost to see how I am doing. I have had ppl in leadership message me because it sounded in voice like I was bummed. I have had ppl leave their real-life situations to get on voice just because they saw me online and didn’t want me sitting in voice by myself. I’m here because it became more than just some game, I check every now and then and for a game to do that it’s the ppl and the ppl here make me come back…

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