Apollo Inc. (Logistics & Making)

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How do you feel about this, do you think you will join us?

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It's pretty alright.
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Hell yeah, I'll join you guys!
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I'll think about it.

Hello! Our Business is Productivity and Making, we get a band of Creative and Productive people to help the Empire with their Ships needs and Accessories while making blueprints/making Ships for the Empires Government and Citizens.

We will do shipments of Gases and Accessories to ships that need it, if there is an emergency for a Ship we will respond right away to the crash site. Military get's a free repair on us ;)

We are reliable on any occasion, whether it be an Emergency, Products and Produce, Repair and Auto, Blueprint making, Custom Ships, etc. We are happy to engage on the conversation for whatever the need is.

When Dual comes out we'll be out doing whatever for The Empire, whatever needed most.

2019 - Apollo Inc.
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iam military so cant join ya but this looks promising

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