Any mining ship design.

Share your designs for your personal vessel constructs with your peers in the Empire and trade and help improve each others ambitions in construction and design.
Well I need any mining ship design that is easy to mass produce in the hundreds and is cheap. I am planning on selling it to anyone who can't afford a normal mining ship. I will also want to know any design for a moderate mining ship for renting it out for my fellow Imperial friends
1. Not a Place covered in NDA.
2. We probably will have small generic transports blueprints (or even actual ships) avaible for people at a point.
3. Small generic transports will at best be aerospace worthy, so no space flight with the basic versions.

As far as "mining ships" go, there won't be any element that enables mining on a ship. Ever.
DU Devs want you to do your mining yourself and counter any automation this would give birth too.

A mining ship is basically a cheap, slow and not space worthy construct. That can carry atleast a good haul of cargo, without burning fuel inefficiently.

If you want to go to space. Built a ship that is spaceworthy and have your mining ship "locked" inside it. Dragging Something like your ships space engines and other space needed stuffs around, would just increase the weight of stuff you have to move around for each transport run.

It's actually most efficient to have 3 types of ships.
1. An Aerospace Transport
2. An shuttle type that can fly in both, but is barely able to escape to space with what a full cargo hold + another ship would amount too.
3. An actual spaceship with no aerospace compability.

To make an real space-spaceship ... that's NDA covered.
What i would do if it becomes possible. Actually convert the 1.Ship to ressources again, transport it up to space as part of the 2. Ship (so i will be able to use it's engines). Then convert the 2.Ships space parts to the 3.Ships systems. And on arrival go the route in the opposite direction.

Hopefully it will be that easy :3.
thank you

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