Giant Missile

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Would it be possible to have the IAD develop a very large missile capable of knocking a capital ship off course through the force of its impact, and have it have a good amount of warheads on it to heavily damage any capital ship or smaller vessel. This is assuming dual universe will have some auto guidance or remote control system in the future. The missile will be large and will only really fit on to Destroyers, but will be a valuable asset in major battles, as enemy warships will either have to take the punch, or focus fire on the missile, giving the Imperial Destroyers a major advantage in combat.
Properly not.

We might be able to push otherships away by "impact or some weaponary" but we can't damage them that way ... and there wont be any kind of explosive warheads or stuff like that to fill the top part of a missle with.

My idea of kinetic projectiles died about 2 hours after it's birth, when i found out about the AMA of the NQ staff. Regarding why such tactics wont be ingame.
Too easy as destruction aid against unmoving targets or really idiotic slow targets that can't run or dodge the flight path.

+ You wont be able to hit an moving target at 20k km/h, if you don't apply alot of rocket science :3.
(or math)

++ no automation that doesn't require a player closeby. But automation of flight is deemed possible, if you find an kamikaze player.

+++ it would cost way too much fuel and resources for little effect~

++++ most space battles will be fought around POI anyways, so there's not much pushing or flying around at extreme speed to do there.

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