Any idea to a armored space yatch design

Share your designs for your personal vessel constructs with your peers in the Empire and trade and help improve each others ambitions in construction and design.
I am really wanting a ship design that looks like a space yacht as my travel ship. It must be big enough to house a respawn center. Food and a little miscellaneous gear. But it can't be too big.


Something like this?

Given the info we can get from the wiki and official informations, you should be able to build something like this.
If you build such an spaceship. Start with the main structure and work yourself to the outerarmor.

First you would need to build the yellow line of "basic shape" then you can simply connect the upper and the lower part at the ankle you want the ship hull to have. The smaller stuff of decorations and so on, will take a bit fiddling :3.
yes that is like that

If you got a good pc and sometime.

You can try a game called "From the depths" and build your space yacht there.
Or you can make one in blender ... or give someone who has ample experience in makeing 3D object to create one for you.

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