Ideas about "ROCK" Really Offensive Crash Knocking

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Sooo .... here is some tought fooder.

Given that i haven't had enough time to test anything out in detail. I will just put down a theory and anyone can pleaes prove me wrong, before the next test session :3.

General Idea:
1. Crash Physics seem to be in and do damage.
2. Velocity + Velocity>> Impact Velocity * Mass= Lots of hurt
3. LUA Scripting is possible for flying vessels (atleast i think so)

The Plan:
Creating vessels of high mass, but small size, with enough fuel and propulsion to get to they're max speed in a decent time. Given that the LUA script should make it possible to acquire a target and fix the flying path in a way that the "ROCK" wont miss the target, this would create cheap but deadly ammunition against big/ slow targets. Or targets that don't want to move out of the way (aka, defending a station ... etc.).

One of the most effective weapons in real space warfare against static targets would be simply shooting big masses of metal at stationary targets like stations or planets. It's hard to actually hit moveing targets with just that. Giving our "ROCK" a means of following and adjusting the flight path to his target, would help negate that.
(But anything that can't move out of the way quickly ... even a little bit, will be hit even if we shot these from like another star system. After doing some math ...)

If ... LUA isn't working ... suicidal missions might still be a thing.

-LUA Script intelligent enough for this.
-No idea of what weaponary will be avaible to us and enemys to counter "ROCK"
-Time needed for the speedup without increasing the cost too much, makes this more usefull for stationary targets.
-No idea how damage is calculated on terrain hits and if terrain is destroyed on impact.
-No idea if collision of ships work in a damageing way.

Idea Rateing:

Not enough Information gathered yet. But generally doable.

For illustration purposes.

The idea mainly comes from my sci-fi nerd mind, having read to many good novels and actual science papers.
I even used this concept in another game called "From the Depths" to massaker the enemy AI with small kinetic rockets made out of the most heavy material ...

Nothing beats simplicity.
"CptLoRes: What are your thoughts on improving object collision, physics and having mechanical/movable parts within constructs? Like making large custom hangar doors, elevators, lifting cranes etc.
NQ-Sophon: There will be no collision physics between constructs, for gameplay reasons (no missile constructs). For hangar doors, we will introduce elements. Now, having subvoxel structures that move is a possibility, technically, but it is really low on the priority list. Maybe in an expansion at some point."

The dream is destroyed ;3.

A shucks. Maybe it can still be used to burry through terrain towards enemy underground bases xD.
It was a nice attempt, although I believe NQ wants to keep the art of war as artistic as it can be. Although maybe we can find another use for it.
I tought about it a bit.

This still could possibly be used as troop drop ship.
Just that we would need some kind of way to attach our ship to the enemys, so that our tropps can hop out onto the enemys hull and do they're work.

There's 3 ways how we could do this:

1. There will be magnetic landing gear stuff later on? -easyest. Just hit them and activate it. As there's no damage construct vs construct, there shouldn't be that much of a physical bounce too?
2. Slowing down with a LUA scripted backburn. Rotating 180°C at an point where we could slow down enough to land gently. Possiblity is ... that the ROCK might get shotdown on the slowing down part.
3. Shot a hole in the hull shortly before impacting, so that the ROCK would be stuck inside the enemy ship. Least feasible one ... i dunno if the time would be enough to damage a thick layer of armor, but if we aim these rocks at already damaged parts it could work.

Still a bummer i cant make kinetic projectiles :ugeek: .

IS there any infos on possible weaponary yet? I haven't found much.
I kind of hope it will be a system similar then "from the depths". Where we can build our weapons with premade parts. (Barrles, firing pieces, ammo clips, autoloaders, optics, AI detection equipment etc.)

It would make enginerring weapons a job with high priority. As these could be adjusted to all needs arising.
From flak, lasers to missles.

Would be a big bummer, if everyone fights with the same "XL Laser Cannon" prefabricated element. On they're ships.

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