Questions on traffic in the capital city

Share your designs for your personal vessel constructs with your peers in the Empire and trade and help improve each others ambitions in construction and design.
So will there be regulations on weight of the transports or type of transports in empire. I know there will be restrictions in the Imperial zone but with the outer city will there be restrictions on weight or mass of the vessels
The Imperial law team is currently creating a basis of laws regarding the regulations of dynamic constructs. As you move away from the inner city these regulations will get more relaxed. The laws will be announced in the near future for corporations to review.
you mean i cant get with greenfox and build a battlestar to drop in like adama does in the show?
We can't ;3.

I think there will be someway to park it altough. Just plan for a neat smaller transporter for inner city stuff.
Or would you want to waste that much fuel xD... remember. The bigger, the more it costs to fly somewhere... or even just being afloat.

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