So when do we build our first city.

Discuss trade, travel and how the Empire controls and monitors the worlds under its dominion.
Can you give me a rough schedule in any releases on our first city being built. Because I want to know when I should get on the game and try to help build it
There will be at least three server wipes (alpha, beta and before launch), most people won't play until final release and we're not sure that the server will be up 24/7 during alpha and beta phase, so do not expect some huge city building until the game reach a stable phase.
However, you can build stuff and retain the blueprints for future use.
This is my view on the question.
At some time ( probably during beta ) a full city building rehearsal should take place , the plans should be drawn up and finalized. The idea is that when the game launches everyone knows what to do , and where and when. As you can imagine , the time immediately after launch will be very hectic and chaotic, and the Empire needs to show everyone efficiency, order and discipline. I myself have some experience with preparation for an MMO launch , in a game I consider the closest to DU. There , while we were waiting for the launch of the MMO , over months , me and the guild i was in built 4-5 cities , every time starting from zero. The idea was the same as the one i'm proposing now. Build experience, build connections between players, make the necessary planning , test different layouts of the city, and so on...
Am i proposing building 4-5 cities? No. But at least one - yes, certainly. Even if the buildings are not finished to full level quality , at least the needed resources will be calculated , layout can be planned , and people will gain experience and cohesion as groups.
Due to the player numbers and general stability of the game you most likely won't be able to see an Imperial city until a day or so after the launch of the game. Although you might see more streamlined prototype settlements during the alpha and beta periods.

There currently a lot of research and work being placed in a launch plan that covers everything possible with the coordination of unknown numbers that could very potentially be in the thousands. It's not possible to design the layout of a city past the state-controlled buildings, it will naturally begin to grow from that point depending on who buys what areas and what they choose to do with it.
Imagine that a big group of people will need to make basic plans of plots of land, streets, no fly zones, parking slots ... etc etc.

And for that we need to know how many people we will need to house.
So as Kytheum said, anything past the official buildings (capitol, storage houses, bank ... etc) will be floating ideas till we reach that realese point.

I personally do hope that we get enough people in Alpha to play together, so that we can make a basic Outpost for the representation of the empire ingame. Would be good PR + good trial run on manageing people and tasks.

Buy and Sell.

Building that won't be possible with a group of lonewolfs that do everything themself ;3.
Indeed, I do hope we have someone who is good at city planning for rudimentary zoning plan. I would volunteer but I will probably be too busy with many other jobs.

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