A flight escort corp.

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I am going to work with both guarding political figures and also protecting trade for a price. This includes when the cargo ships enter into foreign territory to trade. But we also will aid the empire with defending the nation for free. but everything else cost money meaning defending against pirates and escorting ambassadors. But I am asking if you can approve of this because this could improve security among the homeland. We will offer defense if the military does not go to escort them. But my escort price will vary due to escort ranges. But per two hours we will be a affordable organization that escort ships.
So you would be a single mercenary for hire or a group of people? Or based on the task a certain type?

If you would mine at the location where you guard me, giving me what you mine too. That would be a service i would take when i don't find anyone to play with or if we feel that we as a group might need someone else there with a bit more pvp experience.

Would one need to pay, if let's say they want you to come to planet x and protect them there, for the flight duration too? That might prove difficult, as long as the dev's haven't added stargates and stuff that they talked about on some AMA (And even then it would be costly). Given that some planets might be very well a few hours away from each other or even days. As such guard jobs would probably entail a long duration.

Certainly at the start of the game your service would be welcomed by many, as everyone is close together and fights probably are quite often happening. But you should think about long term too.

I think you should ponder a bit about how much it will cost you and how much it will cost the customer in the end. Some kind of explanation for the costs a customer needs to pay would be good, even without knowing what will be in the game at the start.
Well I am going to research the price in dual universe when it comes out but I am going to have escort squadran. I am going to need all my resources to start this corp. I am going to have a band of mercanaries. So I won't be alone. But I will start by guarding shipments from pirates which I believe will be a pain. But I am going to build my huge corperate empire soon enough. Did I answer your questions
Yes you did ^^.

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