[Gamescom 2018] Meetup with NQ Dev team; Thursday 23.08.2018

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What present should we bring?

Poll ended at Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:11 am

Mug with Logo
T-Shirt with Logo
No votes
Cappy with Logo
Empire Logo as 3D-Print
Best Dev Team T-Shirt, with logo
No votes

Hello guys and gals.

Now we know which day the NQ Meet and Greet will happen.
Exact times and location will be posted up someday later~

Who is going to attend?
Do we want to bring them an Empire T-Shirt or Coffee Mug as present?
Do you have some questions that the people attending, should secretly record? ^.^-~

PS: Any ideas about gifts for the Dev team are appricated.

List of attendes:
- Greenfox
- WalkerOfSkys

List of questions:
- more details about the subscription system
- more details about spaceship construction, such as power production, large ship speeds, uses of thrusters, types of thrusters, etc. etc.
This suggestion is beyond what I imagined members of the Empire doing, this level of dedication and motivation is what will eventually become the Empires primary power over every other organisation, keep being an inspiration Greenfox, I look forward to the results.
Sadly, due illness this got stomped.

Good thing is altough ... we still have two gamescom events and probably a meetup in france too. Till the launch of our beloved game :3.

The next time i will prepare things "WAY BEFORE" the actual happening and have contigency plans ... + discord on my smartphone with a perma login. Sucks if you can remember most chemical terms, values and other things. But you forget an password for a chat app ... i blame "remember" function ... doesn't make one remember the password at all.

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