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Hello everyone. I'm rather new to the Empire but I was looking at the Imperial ranking system and thought of a new position that may be useful. All of the branches of the Empire ( military, IAD, and Civilian ) have levels of rank and those in control of larger amounts of men and material, (I.E High general, or High constructor etc.) are told to keep their sections running and moral high. And most importantly they are not allowed to interfere in other branches of the empire. ( A general has no authority over those in the IAD and vise versa.) In fact they can not even enter the same space as IAD members unless it is a time of emergency. So all that to say, what if there was someone who did not have any said restrictions. With no ties to any of the three branches, reporting directly to the Emperor, not a general or overseer. A sort of political commissar. Perhaps with the title of Inquisitor. Just as the advisor does, only they will be those who insure that even the leaders of the empire's branches are in check. This system is obviously not perfect and can be reshaped to fit the needs of the Emperor, but I believe that if such trustworthy and loyal Men and women are willing to step forward they could easily stop any corruption from growing within the Empire. I leave this in the Emperor's hands to decide.

A loyal soldier of the Emperor,

Anti-corruption is built into the System of the Empire heavily, you will find it everywhere from the ranking structure, the way orders are assigned and even the basics of communication. The Imperial Network will manage and observe the smaller details tracking transactions and movements of troops to the smallest degree. In fact the reason the divisions have such a lack of control over each other is an anti-corruption move in itself, in the event that somehow every other system is overridden and an Imperator or higher ceases control of a large division on the Military, there is no way they can produce more vessels, they have no connection to civil side making the problem isolated, and the IRD has the ability to take on this isolated threat with any weapons they have secretly produced.

There are 3 divisions because there is too much information for an individual to handle, having someone move between and try to keep them in check is almost impossible, they will never be able to retain all the information on how each division works, a good example is the fact that Military information is being split for the same reasons.

It's a good suggestion Horza Omanid but there are already stronger protections in place.

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