Hello, everyone that is reading this. I am Generalamazing (I'd prefer not to disclose my IRL name), and I am a fairly new member to the Empire. I have been following the development of Dual Universe since I discovered it about half a year ago. I quickly became enveloped in the idea of such an ambitious game, and immediatly began to think about what could be possible in such a game. When I found the Empire on the Organization tab, I saw that it was a well-made, conceptually interesting group that was quickly growing. I imagined myself leading a fleet of ships into battle. I saw fleets of massive ships securing territory and keeping the peace in this single-shard universe. I soon found myself designing ships for the Empire, everything from small cruisers to large space stations. I have always been on a bit of the speculatory ends of the community, imagining things like orbital bombardment, hovertanks, and ships with giant mining lasers. As more and more information comes out about features (or at least as soon as they come to my attention) I adjust my thought process when designing certain ships (I will also admit I am not the best at designing the exterior of ships, some of them being fairly flat. I do try to make them smooth and without edges, and try to give them all distinctive features). I am hoping to assist in the conception of new ships and buildings for the Empire, and helping to make those ideas a reality. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

I will also let you know I am not yet out of High School, so I will most likley not be very frequently available.