Imperial Contest II [Advanced Space Tactics]

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My product is knowledge itself.

As normal flight training and a few things about game mechanics will be explained by me to anyone that asks for it. I thought about it and come up with the idea of a 3 day course of advanced space tactics. Which will probably take about 5~8 hours a day and be hosted over an weekend.

Targeted Audience:
Anyone capable of flying a spaceship, who understands that space fights wont be still image shooting gallery like Starwars depicts them. And wants to improve their understanding of space related combat.


300k Quanta per person (might change, if you ... damage training property in an stupid way), 60% discount for military personal and 30% discount for civilian citizens of the empire.


- Understanding Space
- Actual Training sessions of Space combat
- "Catching" someone in space, Pirate Style
- Fleeing ... the right way
- Radar 101, your best friend and worst enemy
- Math of Combat

At the end of the training. Trainees should be capable to use radar correctly and to gauge the complexity of space combat to an higher degree.


1. Day
- Intro about Space Tactics
-- coffee break
- Understanding Space
- Radar 101
-- dinner break
- First Training Session with imperial fighter dummy. Finding targets trough coordinates provided and trough active radar scans. And a trial run, how to get to a goal-point without being spotted by radar.

2. Day
- Resume of Day 1
- Math of Combat
-- coffee break
- "Catching" someone in space, Pirate Style
- Second Training Session with imperial fighter dummy. Catching spaceships and crippling them. Group training 5 vs 1.
-- dinner break
- Resume of the Day 2

3. Day
- How to not be caught in Space
-- coffee break
- Fleeing the right way
- Third Training Session with imperial fighter dummy and 3 man ships. Going trough a few scenarios of Attack and Defend.
-Resume of the Day 3 and awarding ceremony.
One info note.

The imperial fighter dummy, will not look like the actual fighter. Have only one weapon of high accuracy and low spread damage. And be riddeled with elements, that when sufficiently damaged ... deactivate any manual input correlated to them and finally make the ship come to an standstill till reactivated when an threshold on critical systems are met..

Most of the weight it will have is fuel... fuel and fuel.
It will only have a barebone structure of materials to hold elements in place and not be suited to space to aero combat! (Don't drive these babys into an atmosphere ...)
But it will most likely behave similar to the actual imperial fighter, just having an longer active time and an larger amount of fuel to burn.

Most of the 300k cost ( and the possible extra of damageing my poor training ships ...) will be used for fuel, repairs and construction of said dummys. After the first seminar cost might drop, based on how many non military and non citizens showed interest. And how much the whole thing burned in fuel and repair costs.

Any earnings left after repairing the dummys and refueling them, will be placed in scholarship spots. Where anyone interested can get one, if they have been an active and contributing member of the empire for atleast 3 months.

A seminar will only get a starting date, when a minimum 10 and a maximum of 30 people find together.

Planned to hold atleast 2 of these per year.
One extra note.

Do remember that starwarsesque fights still will happen. As real space battles are hard to do, people will probably duke it out at low speeds or standstill (with big ships) and have small fighters roam around them at low speeds.

But i wouldn't call these space battles. Just an extend of aerospace ones ...

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