Imperial contest II

This is where you submit entries to competitions.
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cost 50k each
excellent dogfighter and very durable.

Pleaes do try to use a desgin you made or a more concrete idea. But good try ;3, i dunno if our Emperor will let that go in as submission.

city made on another voxel game by me.

I have sketchup works also but they are on the school web server. I would have to get on sketchup at school to get them.

Is a totally fictive design of a small vessel that could go behind enemy lines unnotised because it is covered with mirrors that make it almost invisible for the human eye. Its made out of materials that cannot be seen In radar. I guess it vould cost like 0,12 million or More each and have a 3-4 grewmembers each.

Is a simple idea that the Empires
Ground infatry could use under special conditions when attacking To an enemy base from high Ground.
Its basicly a big Ball of any material
That rotates To the fight with a croup
Of soldiers inside it, when the mowement stops soldiers start digging holes To the Ball and shoot enemies through them. That would
Cost like nothing and give soldiers the
Advantage of suprise.
the D.R.O.I.D.
Defensive radar outpost In disguise

Is a simple idea of a defensive radar
Base that would be placed In orbits
Of Empireal planets
And disguised as meteorites.

It would detect every ship that goes
In or out and depending Who it is
Either shoot it with guided missiles or
Do nothing. I guess it vould cost like 0,15 each and have a 4-5 grewmembers each.

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