Imperial comp II Loki's entry

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Ok so my submission is multiple parts but is basically a form of a weapon system, but it could be used in multiple configurations for multiple functions so let’s start with the base system….


It would be mostly a rail gun system magnetically ran saving fuel costs since in space once up to speed the projectiles wouldn’t slowdown... the only rounds that would need fuel we will get to later… the main round would be basically a metal slug with a warhead attached... this would be a point and shoot weapon not guided but with it you could do many outher things as well..


You could also fire projectiles with ppl to do different things and what they are doing would depend on how the projectile is built but examples … recon in enemy space … a round with two guys in it along with radar, cameras, etc. intel gathering equipment shoot them from range with the size they would be almost un detectable with enough of a guidance system and propulsion system to after they are done turn them around and get them up to speed headed back out to a safe place to be picked up. Another use could be deep insertion of recon/ SKT’s (small kill teams) to deploy them to a planet lose the intel gathering equipment for more seating room and a better engine system to break gravity on the exfill... And it could also be used for when in a fleet boarding and or landing of troops… the options are really limitless outher than it would have to be kept to a certain size to fit the weapon system ... plus the system could fit on smaller cruiser size ships up thru bigger capital size ships you could swap rounds on the fly so example in a fleet fight trying to get onto a planet fire the normal rounds at enemy ship turn the ship a degree maybe and fire 4 to 5 personnel landing rounds so that it looks like your aim shifted a lil bit and you missed then go back to regular damage rounds then the enemy fleet would just think it’s a miss and not you just lading 5 different skts just outside their city and so on


just in case the pics didn't show correctly I attached them as well...
Good job loki you did well on this idea. I hope you win

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