This is a direct response to the Question posed by Matthew within the Empires discord server.
Considering the increased costs that come with a Empire growing in population and GDP such as military expansion and as well as an evolving internal structure, how will the Empire benefit from this increase in population besides the sale/rent of property (which likely won’t be significant)? I can’t help but feel that our growing pains will be felt most by ordinance in their daunting task of funding the government and military in which they may not be able to feasibly keep up with. We could reach a point to where recruiting ordinance members becomes a priority over recruiting soldiers. Such a task would be difficult considering most of them are needed as miners and refinery operators. Perhaps a low corporate tax should be considered.
The Empires current lack of a taxation is the key to our primary source of income. Theoretically, the Empires current source of income is more than needed to suit our needs, although it's not often covered or explained so the wrong information is very often passed around.

But rather then just telling you how it works I will be providing evidence to support this system as well as evidence and how it will be backed up if the theory doesn't hold in practice.

Firstly the Empires core focus is on a corporate and civil environment, corporations and businesses make up the bulk of the Empire, the current standard for military members is 10%, and the Ordinance program is 4% Meaning that the civil population of the Empire makes up 86% of our entire base. The ordinance program is often misrepresented as the primary source of Income if anything its more of a backup and supporting structure. The primary source of income will be the renting of properties or in a more understanding way a land tax, which is controlled by the Overseer of the settlement. The Overseer can adjust prices to keep the settlements growing including making the centres of cities more expensive as to keep them competitive for businesses.

You may wonder how the Empire will sustain a 86%+ Civil base, well that is why our no tax policy has been introduced. While its easy to configure trading taxes its also a massive burden on corporations and everyone in general. By not having this tax it motivates corporations to join the Empire and base within our territory as to be more profitable, which in turn will bring in an increased rate of members who are looking for products to buy, places to work and a nice centralised economic zone. Currently, this strategy has been successful pre-launch. The Empire has the largest known amount of registered corporations including most of the largest corporations in the community. 38 corporations are currently registered and if they all decided to base in the Empire with there complete numbers we would see the Empire become larger then the Terran Union, which is why the no tax stance continues to stand.

(current statistics of the Empire [25/10/2018], These ratios have been relatively the same since creation)

The land tax system is sometimes misunderstood or not well known about, I will explain it in as much detail as possible as to create a stronger trust for it. Every member of the Empire who is not a member of the military will need a place to stay, this will mean finding a piece of land to make a home out of if they do not stay within a housing complex. Depending on the amount of land they own and the zone they are in is how much they will be charged on either a weekly or monthly basis according to their preference. There are also laws that will be put in place to prevent too many members from living together to avoid or reduce this payment. Housing complexes which will be run by corporations will also pay a higher rent cost in order to keep their accommodation license. For any member owning any piece of land anywhere in Imperial territory, they will have to pay the land cost. Now as to not go on forever I will place some common questions and their respective answers below.

Q: What if a member doesn't rent out land?
A: The Chances of this happening are small, players will need places to store belongings, resources and their constructions, they can't really get the experience of Dual Universe without a place to base.

Q: What if a member lives in a mobile house (caravan style)?
A: Living in this way would be difficult but if its managed there will be certain laws to ensure they still pay an amount towards the Empire.

Q: What if too many members join the Military causing a disbalance of the 86%?
A: The Empire will continue to maintain a 10% ratio for the military, applications will become competitive and those who spend more time in the Empires economic workforce will be considered over others.

Q: What if the system fails?
A: No system is perfect, this system is in the theoretical stages. We will conduct experiments and simulations as time goes on. If the system is deemed as a failure the Empire will make a quick and easy switch to the in-game taxation system which is easy to implement as its automatically built into the game.

Q: Why did the Empire choose this system?
A: It's in the Empires best interests to hold the strongest economy in the game, corporations will be the heart of Dual Universe and to differ the Empire from every other organisation we appeal to those corporations as much as possible by offering the most prosperous environment they can live within. It was important that the Empire uses something different to separate us from the other organisations.

Q: I still don't see this system working or I don't trust it.
A: This system has been negotiated for quite a while with many imperials, so far no major issues have been identified. Experimentation and Simulations with corporations will be run over the next few months to compare this system to many others. If it doesn't hold up to the stress we will go to the backup option and use the in-game taxation system.