Mining where?

Discuss the creation of factories, facilities and vessels. Discuss the industry of mining and refinement.
I want to know where the empire will get it's mass resources. Will we get it on worlds which I recommend or from space. The problem I have for mining in space is there will be a lot of pirates trying to roam around trying to destroy your mining ship and loot the ore.
will prolly be a combo of both dont worry you have us military guys to keep you fat miners alive lol we always need ore for more weapons lol
1. Stage:
Mining at Alioth. Group up with people and have some PvPers with you, that mine too or rather ... drive smaller hover transports to the big hovertransport.

One will be quite deep underground when mining and a bit spread out. As long as someone is guarding the transport and give a warning when someone comes close that is a non-friendly. It should be quite ok. But expect trouble and try to hide your transport if you plan to stake out longer there. (dig a hole and fly it in, then build a mud cover over it for example. If someone only uses eyesight to indentify stuff, they wont see you.)

2. Stage:
Mining in the whole solarsystem.

Same as before.
Group up, atleast 3 people. With atleast 1 guy being able to fly a spaceship and 1 guy being a good shot. Fly to somewhere you want to mine, setup shop and mine.

Chance that your cought on the way there are abyssal slim. chance that your cought at the landing are quite meager. Chance that someone will randomly stumble over you on a planet ... are slim.

The solar system is big.

And one needs to remember, pirates dont get fuel and ammo and ships for free ;3.

3. Stage:

All Planets are colonized. Player activity is everywhere.
Only mine in larger groups, in designated areas under protection or ruled trough agreements which bind the empire and other big orgs to peacefull terms on these grounds.


Generally i expect the game to be a bit bloody early. Then being quite and humble as soon as people leave for the stars. And then getting extremly bloody, when ressources of some kind are sought after. That someone else mining location is claiming for themself.

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