[Transportation] Ideas for efficient transport of ressources

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Work in progress ... (i will get to fixing this, someday~ Idea goes in, Wall of Text goes out~)

Transporting anything with a mass into space ( and trough space) is costly. Even if the cost isn't much, any cost at all is just adding on the cost of actually makeing the ressources useable for us in anyway.

As gravity, air resitance and other things are expected to make flight ingame quite realistic. Moving large masses into space ... won't be cheap.

Simple Solution? Cut out anything that involves flying things into space.

There's a bunch of way to transport things wWithout using fuel or atleast, without using NORMAL amounts of fuel.

1. Anti Gravity Solutions.
We know there's a anti gravity generator atleast planned. We don't know how costly it would be to permamently operate multiple small platforms using these.

The idea here would be.
Build Platforms and move the ressources through human footwork or any means of shuffleing ressources from one to another platform, without actually using any fuel.

Why not build stuff into space from the ground? The Devs are probably not stupid in that point ... sadly. So i expect that building height will be limited and one would need moveable platfroms to connect the remainder of the journey into space.

2. Shuttles.
Use optmized transport shuttles to haul things from a planet into space. Spaceships generaly should stay in space and only need space engines. Which cuts cost for useless things, that would need to be transported together with the ressources ... each time a all rounder spaceship transports things into space.

3. Slow flight Spaceships.
As Space is quite big, people will want to fly fast! ... which is bad for efficiency.
Any speed you gain in space, wont probably fall off over the duration of the flight. If they go with a realistic view on space flight.

So ... to slow down, one will need to apply the SAME amount of force 180° away from the flight vector. The more your ship weights, the more fuel you will need to speed up ... and slow down ( not minding the time needed woudl increase too).

A simple solution would be to fly with a low speed, which one would feel confident in sticking to on this journey.

4. Mine large Asteroids ...
Yup. No Air, probably no gravity too. Literally the best place to move large amounts of stuff with the least amount of fuel usage. Just that mining in zero g ... probably is quite an ordeal and needs alot of training.

If they go with Asteroids of varying sizes. We could probably get ones that are big enough to house a few thousands to a few million tons of material. Just gotta prospect the asteroid field for resources we want ...

5. ???


Looootss of asumptions.

1. Not much know about Gravity generators.

2. Spaceship in orbit would be a sitting duck. And anyone seeing a shuttle fly into the air ... aiming for the same spaceship, could just ambush us at our resources loading point. Needs lots of protection and planning, if done in insecure areas.

3. It's ... slow. Let's say one needs 10 hours at max speed for a one way trip to a really far off station or planet. Cutting fuel cost in half, probably would make it an 40 hour trip. Given that i doubt the spaceships will just continue to fly if you log out (simply based on how unfun it would be if you forgot to break ... and login back to a crash site on a random asteroid or your destination). One would need to keep his pc running and hope that no DC, energy shutoff or anything else hinders the game~ + ... flying something afk, at low speeds ... not good if some pirate scum finds you. Needs ALOT of planning and preferable a transport that can defend itselfs and people that can fly it in shifts xD...

4. It's probably a total pain in the ass. Naturaly ... alot of pirates will roam around large asteroid clusters too. Atleast that's what i would do if i knew that alot of people mine there.

5 ???

Cutting cost. Means that things can be either sold with a higher profit or used for projects internaly with a lesser cost. Which would give the Empire an economical advantage to corps and soloplayers that haven't tought of otpimizing.
Anti-Grav is planned to stop working at 1000m, so we just build a 1010m tall building with a landing pad or access port for ships to cradle on and load in supplies pulled up via elevators.
:3 Sadly wrong.

Anti Grav is changeable in its max height.
But it only starts to activate around 1000m height.

So you need to lift your ship to around that height or any height you set yourself, that is still in the planets atmosphere.Praise to LUA God.

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