Work in progress.

General idea of using personal or group based hovercrafts for defense purposes.
Which can be either lua scripted or controled by someone per remote or direct control.

This would give our ground forces layway in terms of absobing enemy fire, after exiting dropships or any kind of transport. While it would be extremly usefull in open spaces, it would need to be size reduced for indoor fights.

Protective Walls that absorb enemy fire and work as momentarily refuge from fire focus.


Simple hovercraft units of this shape : Image would use small engines and protected hover engines to fly around. Using a programming board, a control unit or the remote control one would be able to move it around in a variety of ways. As pvp will be lockbased on tab targeting, hiding behind a wall should break that lock!

Effectively makeing enemys less likely to kill our advancing troops.


Covering more then one side or makeing them to "thick" will make this more cumbersome in it's movement.
"Cost" .... it will cost more then just dumping lots of dirt mounds and digging trenches and doesn't give any extra advantage in comparision.

Using this system to drop down walls and structures from space onto the battlefield, to shape it to our advantage in a flash. Envision an enemy HQ, second later an massive amounts of walls, pillars and bridges plop down and make it easyer for our forces to conquer the HQ. Movement of the differnt part wouldn't be required after the initial drop of to the location we want them to go ... programming or remote controlling them will be key.