I have seen a bunch of questions about flying a spaceship and even airplanes.
As i can't go into NDA stuff from ingame, we will stick to theoretical real physics.
(Which should be close to the ingame physics~)

There's a major problem i have seen in chat.

People don't understand physics of flight.

Make tuturials which can bring the basics of aerospace and space ... space flight into the viewpoint of our members. As too further deepen understanding of more advanced aspects.


1. Part Written Tuturial
2. Part Youtube Videos of showing different setups of engines and other flight relevant elements
3. Part giving people a chance to fly these different ships themself and get the "Ahh .. that's why!" feeling

- Hovercraft vehicles
- Speed and Turning in aerospace (REAAALLLLY important)
- Building aerospace and space flight worthy ships (Might not be so important as people will not build these solo in early lanch days)
- How to get away from an planets gravity (important ...)
- Space flight training (Duu ... practical always best training)
- Advanced Space flight training (catching someone in space, calculating trajectorys and changing heading)
- Master Space flight training (PvP combat, Tricks and Tips, PvP ready ships, how to get away from pirates)


Link to tuturials videos >>
Link to written tuturial >>
Link to all knowledge used >>

Work in progress