[LUA/Building] Stock Exchange

Create designs, research the game and develop weapons and tactics.
Work in progress ... (i will get to fixing this, someday~ Idea goes in, Wall of Text goes out~)

An service for our citizens and a way to create an flowing economy, that is bound to the empires foundation.


We would build an Stockexchange in our Main City, which can show the power and artistic sense of the empire.

An LUA script would be setup for people to buy, sell and store "Stock/Etc.". While listing would be done by the Empire and only for Orgaizations/ Companys with an clear plan and an long history of sucess ( or somekind of voucheing from an higher ranked empire officer).

People would be able to make ingame money in the Stock. Dubbed "Empire Credits" or EC, which they can turn into more financial sucess ( or lose with gambeling). Owners of the said enterprises would either give out an monthly/ yearly boon of EC to stockholders or just be a Stock that's worth something on it's own.

EC would be generated by people paying resources or services to the Stock Exchange. While the resources to EC exchange rates would be decided on three factors:
-war effort needed

Effectively creating an financial market and a flowing economy inside the empire, where there would be no need to always barter in resources with each other. Creating an effective banking sector, that even would allow for wage payments to all directly "Empire Employed" people.


LUA code capable of said features.
Safety of Backups of said LUA code and Stored Information of the Stock Exchange.
Black Sheep, People wanting quick money for a project to make more money ... then they flee with it outside the empire.
Personal problems ... we would need a few Bankers to give out and take resources, as i doubt we can get something like an automated storage system working (without lots of research).


After this works with the population of the empire and a single Stock Exchange building. We could put up one at each planet under Empire control, possible interconnecting them or setting up different markets with different prices for everything. Makeing trade between planets more viable.

And finally we could setup these at Allied Planets or Stations inbetween planets~
To expand that economy and market idea.

From what we know of the future game markets, 2 elements will be essential:
+the market element where organizations or players can put their goods to sell, and where others collect what they bought
+the information element, giving pricing and availability of all goods traded on all the markets on Dual Universe.

So in that system in addition to bankers, we could think to hire day traders to play with DU's markets...
Yes , the idea of day traders is great , and Greenfox has experience with trading so i bet he will have ideas about that.
As for the Imperial currency , the EC , we talked with Greenfox about that , but let me put my ideas here on the forum too.
First of all , for the Empire to have its own currency it will need to have its own bank , and it will need to be government controlled.
Second , there will be a need to track the transactions. Maybe some kind of software can be created ( i'm no programmer ) , also a digital ledger , and each imperial citizen can have a personal digital wallet ( just like the in game wallet for Quanta ) . Several ledgers should be maintained to avoid the danger of sabotage/espionage/accidents.
Third question - will the EC be convertible (fully or partially) or non convertible ? If its convertible , then currency exchange rates should be maintained which will complicate things quite a lot ...
Fourth question - will the EC be backed by something ? It could be backed by ( or pegged to ) Quanta. Or some version of the Gold Standard ( of course using some material other than gold ) where the EC is backed by some amount of a certain universally valuable material ...
While a Standard will greatly increase the intrinsic value of the EC , it will leave us vulnerable to financial attacks by other organizations ( if EC is convertible ) . There are real world examples of that , but i'm not going into detail about them.
In conclusion - Imperial currency is possible , but it will not be easy and several problems and questions need to be addressed before that .
:3 good input.


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