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I was wondering what a soldier can expect after applying. Do all applicants go in as enlisted men? Are there academies to further your skills in a specialized field? How long is military service? Are there any benefits after service?
After being accepted you will be in a small sorting period that can last anywhere from a day to a few months, in this period we are waiting for enough people from the same or similar time zone to join the military, once there are 5 people suited then you are sorted into a squad and a squad commander is selected (the squad commander will be responsible for the squad and represent the squad when talking to superiors).

Before the game launches, there will be opportunities to train with your squad and the mechanics of the game we manage to learn about. You will be able to acquire and specialise in certain roles before launch such as Pilot, Systems and Royal Guard.

By the time we reach launch, there will be academies and training grounds giving you access to learn about every single role in the Empire, you can spend a few minutes training to qualify for new roles and use these ground to test and improve your skills.

Military service lasts as long as you want it too, you can retire at any time. If you are a part-time soldier (one who had a civil life within the Empire and a Military life and just oscillates between) you will only be able to receive the Soldier rank as a maximum. Benefits after service are still to be decided, we need to receive more information about Dual Universe economics.
One benefit from being a soldier veteran pensionär.

You have alot of experience about your "tasks" that you did.
You will be a highly sought after:
-test pilot
-commentator for pvp arenas
-trainer for non military pvp
-hired bodyguard

Like what happens with real military personell that goes out into the civ life.


Outside of that, as with our Emperor said. Benefits are open too what the economy holds ingame ^^.
But one could arguebly say, ex soldiers could get a tax cut on the markets and stuff like that. As long as you served a meaningfull time, that is.

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