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A U.S. Army Infantry squad consists of 16 Soldiers led by a Staff Sergeant. Each squad is composed of 4 Fire Teams. Each Fire Teams consists of four men, led by a sergeant. A Fire Teams is comprised of 2 Riflemen, one being the Team Leader, a Grenadier, and an Automatic Rifleman. Sometimes a squad can be enhanced with Advanced Marksmen depending on the mission requirements. The current Imperial squads are 5 men squads. There aren't enough soldiers to accomplish a simple task of clearing a base. Whereas a 16 soldier squad can quickly and efficiently take a base and defend it. Why do we have separate into squads of five when we could have a squad of ten to twenty man squad and also be able to separate into five-man combat squads. The squads would have these important members.

Squad Leader
The Squad Leader is in command of the squad and issues orders to the Fire Team Leaders.

Fire Team Leader

A Fire Team Leader commands one of the 4-man Fire Teams in the squad (Fire Team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta). He executes and disseminates the orders of the Squad Leader.

The Rifleman is the backbone of the Imperial Army. Riflemen are disciplined, courageous, have extremely high morale, and they absolutely do-not-quit.

Automatic Rifleman
The Automatic Rifleman combines devastating firepower with quick maneuverability. The Automatic Rifleman is essential in providing overwhelming volumes of suppressive fire from medium to long range. No Fire Team is complete without the Automatic Rifleman.

The Grenadier is a key member of the Imperial Fire Team. Using high powered explosives, he can disperse any enemy force with showers of explosives.

Squad Designated Marksman
The SDM or Squad Designated Marksman supports the squad by laying down accurate rapid fire at distances beyond the normal engagement range of the Squad's Rifleman.
That is a very interesting idea Blitz and maybe in the future when there are a lot more people in DU, we can use this system of organizing our squads
The Empire was actually founded against this type of system when building an organisation you would have all the resources from past societies and working operations presented to you, although if you use them you have just adopted a system you don't understand the implications of. The Empire was an organisation that was founded with clean foundations, it was built slowly but built to be stable and thought out right down the operations of everyday conversation. The Ideals, the Heichary everything is new. Which is what makes our organisation what it is, its something completely different and we have members who join who purely believe in this new form of government and are confident to see it stand dominant in Dual Universe.

The Current military system that the Empire is using was built from scratch and follows a simple principle which makes it incredibly flexible. The Simple principle is that there will always be 5 people under you that you are responsible for and this applies to every rank except the Imperial Soldier rank. This makes the system easier to manage, 5 people know who there superior is and the 5 above that know as well. Any rank that is higher in the tree has executive authority over any rank under it allowing a General to order a Soldier directly, or to also allow the Superior for your Superior to take over while they are offline. If it comes down to it the entire system can be written down as a list of who is in command to who isn't, This is especially useful in intense combat where you lose members constantly and not everyone will be online, The list simply changes and you can see who you now have to take orders from without the confusion.

The System is covered somewhat in the Ranking Documentation which wasn't moved from the old site, and due to that it will be revisited and detailed more to be added back into the site. (Once page is online this post will contain a link)

Thank you for the question, Blitzer.

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