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The Empire is a Dual Universe organization subjected to new and innovative societal functions, being heavily focused on a professional and dynamic operating environment the Empire provides and appeals to the largest group of individuals of any organisation.

Whether you want to peacefully run a farm, stock market or soar the cosmos raining destruction, the Empire accommodates you.

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We're Formal

Be approached formally in a professional environment, breaking the boundaries of roleplay and positioning you in a real role.

We're Powerful

The most advanced military of any organisation designed to destroy in the most effective form viable, securing your investments.

We're Societal

Elasticity is dominant in our societal structure, through re-founding ideals, the Empire has developed the most dynamic society.








With the command structure of the Empire control is guaranteed allowing the Empire to deal with issues and events instantly and effectively.


The Empire is built on new foundations, we question everything and grow from the ground up to ensure our success.


The Empire is the most secure organisation possible, with a heavy focus on authoritarianism we pride ourselves on our power.


The Empire is so advanced and sophisticated that it's not required for you to Roleplay as you will be serving a real role for real people.


Enjoy your time in Dual Universe, the Empire is made to provide you with a productive and prosperous enviorment in which to work.


From hundreds of planets and systems, feel free to explore and experience the culture of every imperial world as you find your inspiration.

The Chaos

Why the Empire?

When you approach Dual Universe you want an experience that is both compelling and will last, The Empire compared to other organisations has built itself from the very foundations to provide both of those requirements. We see joining an organisation like an investment and you would want to join the most stable organisation possible therefore the Empire is for you, Stability is hardcoded into our design. A single leader, no corruption, an economic focus unlike other organisations and a strong and dynamic power structure.

The Empire provides you with a strong and powerful experience to carry with you, we remove the word role-play as you are experiencing a real role in a real world. Every action has an effect on the development of those around you.

The Empire is strongly focused on economics and freedom of the people. When you hear the word empire you normally think of a tyrannical dictatorship with harsh labour and no freedom. The Empire is the complete opposite, you are given the complete freedom to choose, become an Engineer, Pilot, Soldier or any other role your mind can conceive, you have the freedom to create companies based on new ideas and hire other members of the Empire or other organisations. With the Heavy focus on a corporate environment by default, your profits are increased.

Look at the Image behind this, its chaos. This is what is bound to happen to 90% of the current organisations on launch, complete chaos, lack of structure and political stability will be the end of most organisations. A lack of authority and control will turn what is considered a solid organisation into fluid, There have already been hints of some major organisations falling into this chaos, we have seen splits, corruption and total ignorance on some organisations behalf. Secure yourself in Dual Universe, Join the Empire.